Idea, Creation & Management

We have always enjoyed our travels, around the world - from the planning, reading and preparations to the actual physical journey. In our work or holiday experiences around several countries in Europe, Africa, America and Asia, we both share a sense of travelling responsibly. For us, the real travel is engaging and communicating with the local cultures and peoples, making use of time to savour positive emotions. It is with such experience and vision that we've created Horta Vermelha. We hope that you enjoy it!


Sónia Melo

I am dedicated to providing guests and visitors at Horta Vermelha a holistic experience of the best and most fascinating features the Alentejo has to offer.

My work and commitment to Horta Vermelha is paired with my activities in research and policy in international development.


João M. Gil

In Horta Vermelha, I hope guests will link to the world, from local to global scale, from the roots in the soil to the world.

I transversely apply these ideas in my work also as a Professional Photographer, for Landscapes, Peoples & Cultures, as I do in my engagement with Horta Vermelha.