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VAGAR - Alto Alentejo

Client-oriented guided tours, with the time and space of the Alentejo.

"Explore, visit, discover and know one of the most beautiful regions in Portugal with us.

From Estremoz to Portalegre, (...) we are located here with the time and dedication to provide you with unique experiences: urban and country walks, wineries and gastronomic tasting, events, workshops, school visits, consulting for heritage and programs designed according to your needs. Always in a conversational mood, because we believe this is the best way to experience the Alto Alentejo."

Alma Lux Photographia

Photography Workshops, with the light and colours of Alentejo (and other regions)

"Be creative. Not creating is a dead-end.

The  mission of Alma Lux Photographia focuses on you, the mind and eyes of  the observer. It invites at abstraction from one's reality, during one's  own particular inner moment. It aims to be a source of positive  inspiration and well-being, in the observing and imaginative mind,  joining together vision and thought."